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5 days of finals song


On the first day of finals my teacher gave to me a migraine and a awnser sheet On the second day of finals my teacher gave to me 2 number 2 pencils On the third day of finals my teacher gave to me three highlighters On the fourth day of finals my teacher gave to […]

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Basket ball poem


She flys down the court Basket in sight Dribbling madly She stops at the 3 point line Time seems to slow Seconds creep by Feet set Arms up and ready Knees bent as she springs of the floor The ball soars through the air It licks the rim As it cascades through the net The […]

The beach


Tantalizing smell of the ocean calling me Heavenly coasts that go on for miles Everlasting joy as we reales balloons with glow sticks into the warm dark air Beloved friends racing the waves Eccentric gazes as me watch seagulls glide by our condo windows Ablaze were our hearts as we sat in the shallow water […]

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