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Expository essay


Worry is Harmful You know the feeling,that you get,the one at the pit of your stomach,that never ending gnawing away always there. For example you may get so caught up with worried about what your doing that your not paying attention to what your doing. One day I was in math one day distracted about […]

Rain part. 1


Rain Streaks down the window like tears of a forgotten blue sky. My bedroom eloomenated only by the pale moonlight awakened by a cats meow to see the ever-gray sky out my louvered window I pray silently for the sun to come back. I didn’t know then that it never would. It was day 32 […]

I am from poem


Although I’ve already posted the actual poem part. I wanted to share my final project.

Explode a moment


My knee bounced in worried anticipation. My fingernails well,they were-long-gone. My eyes had found the ticking clock yet agin. My body was rigid with fear. My ears were longing for the piercing sound of a ring. Distress was clearly written across my face. I was worried. Worried for what the call would bring worried for […]

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