Expository about Austin


“Wow” I whisper looking out at the beautiful Austin sky line.austin really is an amazing place to live !
First of all were the music (hipster) capital of the world for example we have ACL- a giant festival where many bands get to perform on humongous outdoor stages. I love to go to ACL every year and see tons of new bands that I haven’t heard of before. After all who doesn’t want SXSW in there back yard.
And when your done with great music go out for the best cuisine in Texas-ranging from good old fashion and delicious bar-b-Q to up scale fancy and high priced. But my favorite is all the enticing local restaurants which provide a tantalizing array of every food you could want.
That’s only some of the amazing things to do,eat ,and see! I love living here and I think you would too.

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“Expository about Austin”

  1. March 31st, 2014 at 7:31 pm      Reply Mrs. C. Says:

    What band was your favorite at SXSW? My cousin’s band, Ski Lodge played. They have been influenced by bands like the Smiths. What type of music do you like? I am a big Keith Urban fan; I think he was there also.
    I liked your introduction; it drew me in.

  2. May 14th, 2014 at 5:17 pm      Reply kendallc629 Says:

    Hey Elizabeth!
    This describes Austin perfectly: great food and even-better music! I’ve never been to ACL, but they sound really fun! Have you always lived in Austin or have you lived somewhere else too?

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