Wake board camp


My wake-boarding experience!

“Oh ya” I belt over the roaring sound of the boat I tighten my grip on the rope and the foamy water surges below me. As I tilt my board side ways preparing to jump the wake. I hear the screams of encouragement mixed with blaring pop music stream from the boat. Not listening as my board inches toward the 3 foot wave. The end of my board finally reaches the frothy water I pull tight against the rope trying to stand stronger. I feel the-push as my board reaches the middle.

I haul my legs up high and with one last tremendous push. My board soars and my heart. The board jolts under my feet as it collides with the fast moving water. I had finally jumped a wake this was a huge improvement from the person who hadn’t been able to get up at all last year. My boat driver austin yelled to me. . .donuts.

Probably my favorite thing to do while wake-boarding I felt as the boat started to tug on the rope and I tilted my feet forwards trying to keep stable. I saw everyone in the boat scream as Austin whipped it around in violent circles . Agin and agin the boat span with me flying behind. The board dug into the water as I tried not lose control while gliding above the frothing water.

When the boat finally went calm agin but still driving slowly. My arms and legs ached. My eyes sting with volitally thrown water. My arms finally gave out and glided over calm water for a second. Then sank down removing the floating board and swimming towards the boat already eagerly waiting for my next turn.

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