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Right now I’m reading a book about a girl named Alex .She’s the main character in the book Ashes i do not recommend reading this book it is confusing, bloody and gory but yet it still won’t let me put it down because at every turn Alex has two face a new exciting problem that normally includes fighting off the changedwhich are basically zombies while Alex is trying to survive in the wilderness after the Apocalypse she meets two unlikely people their names are Ellie a nine year old girl and Tom a 21-year-old both like her spared from being changed unlike all the other children who were turned into zombies. Don’t continue reading itthis is a spoiler alert if you plan on reading the book ashes I ask you to not read the rest of this article but if you don’t plan on reading this book I’m going to give you a short summary on what happens after Alex meets Ellie and Tom they continue on the road on the way to the likely Canada’s. They meet older mean people who steal Ellie and all of their supplies and also shoot Tom in the leg he gets an infection and they had to stop at a old abandoned convenient store she then leaves to go find help. But when she comes back with people from rule the civilized town with people that are still alive Tom is gone that is far as far as I have read in the book. But I can’t wait to get to the next exciting fight between Alex and the zombies.

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