7th Grade Reflection


When I first arrived in August I expected a nightmarish wasteland full of eighth-graders being stuck here trying to claw out of middle school already. And bunch of bubbly happy sixth-graders that didn’t know what they were in for.

But I soon realized seventh-grade wasn’t just a dreary place in the middle of the middle where everyone came to die. I soon found out that made teachers for Texas history and English were going to be super fun and have a time of great things planned. Also I get to be on the basketball team and plan to kick butt.

As the year comes to clothes I feel like I’ve very much so achieved my goals. And I only have one B in all of my classes. It’s in math which is obvious because math is hard and I hate it but it has gotten easier over the year Because Miss Wissman is an amazing teacher who can make even the worst subjects fun sometimes.

And if I had any advice for incoming 7th graders is that maybe it won’t be as bad as you think. And keep a good attitude it will get better just run and have fun with it.

My favorite stuffed animal


My favorite stuffed animal Strawberry I informally adopted him when I was two. I had stole him from my sister and promised to give him back in two days two days turned into two years two years turned into forever.
You may think I’m stupid for loving a stuffed animal so much. But when I was little he meant the world to me. He was built perfectly where his body full of just a little fluff but his legs filled with some heavy beads. So his legs hung down perfect for cuddling.
He’s been on many trips with me Galveston-San Fransisco-New York-Canada. I love him so much. With out him I would not be the person I am today.

Here’s him hanging with his other cat buddies.



Expository about Austin


“Wow” I whisper looking out at the beautiful Austin sky line.austin really is an amazing place to live !
First of all were the music (hipster) capital of the world for example we have ACL- a giant festival where many bands get to perform on humongous outdoor stages. I love to go to ACL every year and see tons of new bands that I haven’t heard of before. After all who doesn’t want SXSW in there back yard.
And when your done with great music go out for the best cuisine in Texas-ranging from good old fashion and delicious bar-b-Q to up scale fancy and high priced. But my favorite is all the enticing local restaurants which provide a tantalizing array of every food you could want.
That’s only some of the amazing things to do,eat ,and see! I love living here and I think you would too.

Expository essay


Worry is Harmful

You know the feeling,that you get,the one at the pit of your stomach,that never ending gnawing away always there.

For example you may get so caught up with worried about what your doing that your not paying attention to what your doing. One day I was in math one day distracted about a band playing quiz I didn’t listen to the lesson at all and got home and gawked at my homework having no idea how to do it.

In addition you may get so caught up with being worried that you don’t do your best work. For example you could be worried about an upcoming test that you flunk it,because your judgement was clouded. This can have harmful effects on your grades as well as your life.

In conclusion don’t psych yourself. Don’t let that feeling in the stomach defeat you. Don’t let worry effect you in these harmful way.


Rain part. 1


Rain Streaks down the window like tears of a forgotten blue sky. My bedroom eloomenated only by the pale moonlight awakened by a cats meow to see the ever-gray sky out my louvered window I pray silently for the sun to come back.

I didn’t know then that it never would.

It was day 32 it was spoused to be the middle of summer but all it had been was a torrent of rain. I-hate-rain. I’ve always hatted rain that’s why I lived here it never rained here. While others find the soft pitter patter of rain on a roof comforting. I-do-not it sounds like little screams this was-a-nightmare. I just wanted it to stop I hadn’t got sleep for weeks.


I am from poem


Although I’ve already posted the actual poem part. I wanted to share my final project.


Basket ball poem


She flys down the court
Basket in sight
Dribbling madly
She stops at the 3 point line
Time seems to slow
Seconds creep by
Feet set
Arms up and ready
Knees bent as she springs of the floor
The ball soars through the air
It licks the rim
As it cascades through the net
The buzzer screeches the sound of the end of the game
They’d won by one point
It ended in fame

I’m From Poem


I’m large couches and Coca-Cola and Kleenex tissues

I’m from a redbrick paradise I call home

I’m from the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting through the house when I come home from school.

I’m from the white gardenias that grow in the backyard

I’m from the big oak tree in the front yard who’s long limbs I remember climbing on till the sun went down.

I’m from grandpa’s home on Thanksgiving

I’m blue eyes

I’m from Christine and Trey

I’m from watching Christmas vacation every year

I’m from sitting by the fire when its cold

I’m from Friday night football games that we go to just for half time

I’m from being being being tall and always finding the humor and things
and Jesus loves me

I am from the girls beach trip in the summer.

I’m from Austin and I am I am a Texan through and through

I’m from chocolate pie and potato soup

From Christine passing out after getting bit by her gerbil and hitting her head on the bathtub .

I’m from long forgotten pictures of faraway times in untouched dusty photo albums sitting lifelessly in closed cabinets.

By Elizabeth Jackson



Every Halloween is a big deal for my family we have a very crowded and crazy neighborhood on Halloween. We put up and down ourdecorations all in one day. Our decorations are very kid friendly and not gory.Are decorations are still meticulous and elaborate and take a lot of effort to put together because we use sound and have light. And things flying through the air on gears. normally we have a 12 x 10 foot screen but this year we just had a small one in our yard even though that was smaller we still spent the entire afternoon setting up for our production of Halloween after we finished setting up me and my friend Stephanie that I was going trick or treating with left to trick or treat and when we came back we had run out of our 500 pieces of candy that shows how many people we had that here even know we had a a lot more people last year. Even though we had much less people it still amazes me at how many people showed up.

Prepostoinal poem


On top of the couch
Below the sunshine
Around the food bowl
By the laser pointer
Within the shrubs
Underneath the bed
Atop my feet
Among the grass
By Elizabeth Jackson & Kira Casey

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