Explode a moment


My knee bounced in worried anticipation. My fingernails well,they were-long-gone. My eyes had found the ticking clock yet agin. My body was rigid with fear. My ears were longing for the piercing sound of a ring. Distress was clearly written across my face.
I was worried.
Worried for what the call would bring worried for what the call would mean. The room was shrouded in shadowy ray-less-light. As if you could sense the despair hanging in the air. And then the dreaded moment came “ring,ring…”


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Thursday night basketball game


In last nights basket ball game we played really well almost winning 10-32 .That was our best game yet by being a post I don’t get the ball often so I haven’t had a chance to try and shoot the ball in a game yet. But in last nights game I managed to get the ball and was soon surrounded by lake Travis girls seeing no one open with my back to the basket I tossed it up and made it into the basket I was extremely excited that my first shot I made it in backwards even

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5 days of finals song


On the first day of finals my teacher gave to me a migraine and a awnser sheet

On the second day of finals my teacher gave to me 2 number 2 pencils

On the third day of finals my teacher gave to me three highlighters

On the fourth day of finals my teacher gave to me four mental break downs

On the fifth day of finals my teacher gave to me five cups of coffee

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Basket ball poem


She flys down the court
Basket in sight
Dribbling madly
She stops at the 3 point line
Time seems to slow
Seconds creep by
Feet set
Arms up and ready
Knees bent as she springs of the floor
The ball soars through the air
It licks the rim
As it cascades through the net
The buzzer screeches the sound of the end of the game
They’d won by one point
It ended in fame

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The beach


Tantalizing smell of the ocean calling me
Heavenly coasts that go on for miles
Everlasting joy as we reales balloons with glow sticks into the warm dark air

Beloved friends racing the waves
Eccentric gazes as me watch seagulls glide by our condo windows
Ablaze were our hearts as we sat in the shallow water
Classy restaurants to dine at
Hackneyed (worn-out) children finally wrangled in to the car good bye beach good bye summer

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I’m From Poem


I’m large couches and Coca-Cola and Kleenex tissues

I’m from a redbrick paradise I call home

I’m from the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting through the house when I come home from school.

I’m from the white gardenias that grow in the backyard

I’m from the big oak tree in the front yard who’s long limbs I remember climbing on till the sun went down.

I’m from grandpa’s home on Thanksgiving

I’m blue eyes

I’m from Christine and Trey

I’m from watching Christmas vacation every year

I’m from sitting by the fire when its cold

I’m from Friday night football games that we go to just for half time

I’m from being being being tall and always finding the humor and things
and Jesus loves me

I am from the girls beach trip in the summer.

I’m from Austin and I am I am a Texan through and through

I’m from chocolate pie and potato soup

From Christine passing out after getting bit by her gerbil and hitting her head on the bathtub .

I’m from long forgotten pictures of faraway times in untouched dusty photo albums sitting lifelessly in closed cabinets.

By Elizabeth Jackson

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Every Halloween is a big deal for my family we have a very crowded and crazy neighborhood on Halloween. We put up and down ourdecorations all in one day. Our decorations are very kid friendly and not gory.Are decorations are still meticulous and elaborate and take a lot of effort to put together because we use sound and have light. And things flying through the air on gears. normally we have a 12 x 10 foot screen but this year we just had a small one in our yard even though that was smaller we still spent the entire afternoon setting up for our production of Halloween after we finished setting up me and my friend Stephanie that I was going trick or treating with left to trick or treat and when we came back we had run out of our 500 pieces of candy that shows how many people we had that here even know we had a a lot more people last year. Even though we had much less people it still amazes me at how many people showed up.

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Ashes the book summary


Right now I’m reading a book about a girl named Alex .She’s the main character in the book Ashes i do not recommend reading this book it is confusing, bloody and gory but yet it still won’t let me put it down because at every turn Alex has two face a new exciting problem that normally includes fighting off the changedwhich are basically zombies while Alex is trying to survive in the wilderness after the Apocalypse she meets two unlikely people their names are Ellie a nine year old girl and Tom a 21-year-old both like her spared from being changed unlike all the other children who were turned into zombies. Don’t continue reading itthis is a spoiler alert if you plan on reading the book ashes I ask you to not read the rest of this article but if you don’t plan on reading this book I’m going to give you a short summary on what happens after Alex meets Ellie and Tom they continue on the road on the way to the likely Canada’s. They meet older mean people who steal Ellie and all of their supplies and also shoot Tom in the leg he gets an infection and they had to stop at a old abandoned convenient store she then leaves to go find help. But when she comes back with people from rule the civilized town with people that are still alive Tom is gone that is far as far as I have read in the book. But I can’t wait to get to the next exciting fight between Alex and the zombies.

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Me and my dad recently went to ACL for a fun dad daughter trip and because my dad was a crew chief because he is the boss of j Squared the company that provides all the energy for ACL that means him and me both got in free even know neither of us actually had to work the entire weekend. The best part was having a crew badge which let me go anywhere I wanted including The VIP section even though we could go to the VIP section my favorite was still the media area where all the people from the radio stations and other media went . That was my favorite place to hang out because there were many giant shade tree to sit under and they had giant buckets of a really good sweet iced tea. The other great things about that weekend were the obvious that we got to see many great bands ranging from my favorite fun. To Muse and things like to depche mode which my dad knew from the 80s. Even though we did not get to go on Sunday I still had tons of fun.And I can’t wait to go next year.

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Scary story poem part 2


The thing that stares back creeps out it’s hiding spot in the darkness
It’s eyes dares me to move but I’m frozen in shock
This couldn’t be happening
Your whole reality unraveling
It’s speaks to you now in a rasping voice “leave now”
The wood paneling creaks as you run bear feet down the hall
Not second thought you run and run and run not stoping

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