Ok if your reading this your I’m advising you that your about hear the ramblings of a deranged fan girl. I’m on season 3 of supernatural (out of 9 and counting) and already EXTREMELY obsessed .
One of the reasons why I love this show is well… Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) *fans face* the beautiful, courageous,bad but,wearing a adorable leather jacket. Well I mean don’t get me wrong Sam’s cute too but he just doesn’t compare .
Well anyway there are other reasons I love the the show to (whether you believe me or not) the scary factor the to brothers the main characters of the show are supernatural hunters they hunt down and destroy evil supernatural things like demons,angered sprits ,vampires ect…and the often come really close to death! It’s just extremely scary at points!
Even if you don’t just loooooooove all of that there’s the drama the love the sadness I mean I don’t want to give anything away but there’s a lot of intense mixed emotions!



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