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I’m From Poem


I’m large couches and Coca-Cola and Kleenex tissues I’m from a redbrick paradise I call home I’m from the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting through the house when I come home from school. I’m from the white gardenias that grow in the backyard I’m from the big oak tree in the front yard who’s […]



Every Halloween is a big deal for my family we have a very crowded and crazy neighborhood on Halloween. We put up and down ourdecorations all in one day. Our decorations are very kid friendly and not gory.Are decorations are still meticulous and elaborate and take a lot of effort to put together because we […]

Ashes the book summary


Right now I’m reading a book about a girl named Alex .She’s the main character in the book Ashes i do not recommend reading this book it is confusing, bloody and gory but yet it still won’t let me put it down because at every turn Alex has two face a new exciting problem that […]

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Me and my dad recently went to ACL for a fun dad daughter trip and because my dad was a crew chief because he is the boss of j Squared the company that provides all the energy for ACL that means him and me both got in free even know neither of us actually had […]

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Scary story poem part 2


The thing that stares back creeps out it’s hiding spot in the darkness It’s eyes dares me to move but I’m frozen in shock This couldn’t be happening Your whole reality unraveling It’s speaks to you now in a rasping voice “leave now” The wood paneling creaks as you run bear feet down the hall […]

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