7th Grade Reflection


When I first arrived in August I expected a nightmarish wasteland full of eighth-graders being stuck here trying to claw out of middle school already. And bunch of bubbly happy sixth-graders that didn’t know what they were in for.

But I soon realized seventh-grade wasn’t just a dreary place in the middle of the middle where everyone came to die. I soon found out that made teachers for Texas history and English were going to be super fun and have a time of great things planned. Also I get to be on the basketball team and plan to kick butt.

As the year comes to clothes I feel like I’ve very much so achieved my goals. And I only have one B in all of my classes. It’s in math which is obvious because math is hard and I hate it but it has gotten easier over the year Because Miss Wissman is an amazing teacher who can make even the worst subjects fun sometimes.

And if I had any advice for incoming 7th graders is that maybe it won’t be as bad as you think. And keep a good attitude it will get better just run and have fun with it.

Wake board camp


My wake-boarding experience!

“Oh ya” I belt over the roaring sound of the boat I tighten my grip on the rope and the foamy water surges below me. As I tilt my board side ways preparing to jump the wake. I hear the screams of encouragement mixed with blaring pop music stream from the boat. Not listening as my board inches toward the 3 foot wave. The end of my board finally reaches the frothy water I pull tight against the rope trying to stand stronger. I feel the-push as my board reaches the middle.

I haul my legs up high and with one last tremendous push. My board soars and my heart. The board jolts under my feet as it collides with the fast moving water. I had finally jumped a wake this was a huge improvement from the person who hadn’t been able to get up at all last year. My boat driver austin yelled to me. . .donuts.

Probably my favorite thing to do while wake-boarding I felt as the boat started to tug on the rope and I tilted my feet forwards trying to keep stable. I saw everyone in the boat scream as Austin whipped it around in violent circles . Agin and agin the boat span with me flying behind. The board dug into the water as I tried not lose control while gliding above the frothing water.

When the boat finally went calm agin but still driving slowly. My arms and legs ached. My eyes sting with volitally thrown water. My arms finally gave out and glided over calm water for a second. Then sank down removing the floating board and swimming towards the boat already eagerly waiting for my next turn.

My favorite stuffed animal


My favorite stuffed animal Strawberry I informally adopted him when I was two. I had stole him from my sister and promised to give him back in two days two days turned into two years two years turned into forever.
You may think I’m stupid for loving a stuffed animal so much. But when I was little he meant the world to me. He was built perfectly where his body full of just a little fluff but his legs filled with some heavy beads. So his legs hung down perfect for cuddling.
He’s been on many trips with me Galveston-San Fransisco-New York-Canada. I love him so much. With out him I would not be the person I am today.

Here’s him hanging with his other cat buddies.



Expository about Austin


“Wow” I whisper looking out at the beautiful Austin sky line.austin really is an amazing place to live !
First of all were the music (hipster) capital of the world for example we have ACL- a giant festival where many bands get to perform on humongous outdoor stages. I love to go to ACL every year and see tons of new bands that I haven’t heard of before. After all who doesn’t want SXSW in there back yard.
And when your done with great music go out for the best cuisine in Texas-ranging from good old fashion and delicious bar-b-Q to up scale fancy and high priced. But my favorite is all the enticing local restaurants which provide a tantalizing array of every food you could want.
That’s only some of the amazing things to do,eat ,and see! I love living here and I think you would too.



Ok if your reading this your I’m advising you that your about hear the ramblings of a deranged fan girl. I’m on season 3 of supernatural (out of 9 and counting) and already EXTREMELY obsessed .
One of the reasons why I love this show is well… Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) *fans face* the beautiful, courageous,bad but,wearing a adorable leather jacket. Well I mean don’t get me wrong Sam’s cute too but he just doesn’t compare .
Well anyway there are other reasons I love the the show to (whether you believe me or not) the scary factor the to brothers the main characters of the show are supernatural hunters they hunt down and destroy evil supernatural things like demons,angered sprits ,vampires ect…and the often come really close to death! It’s just extremely scary at points!
Even if you don’t just loooooooove all of that there’s the drama the love the sadness I mean I don’t want to give anything away but there’s a lot of intense mixed emotions!



What’s you house


Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Expository essay


Worry is Harmful

You know the feeling,that you get,the one at the pit of your stomach,that never ending gnawing away always there.

For example you may get so caught up with worried about what your doing that your not paying attention to what your doing. One day I was in math one day distracted about a band playing quiz I didn’t listen to the lesson at all and got home and gawked at my homework having no idea how to do it.

In addition you may get so caught up with being worried that you don’t do your best work. For example you could be worried about an upcoming test that you flunk it,because your judgement was clouded. This can have harmful effects on your grades as well as your life.

In conclusion don’t psych yourself. Don’t let that feeling in the stomach defeat you. Don’t let worry effect you in these harmful way.


Rain part. 1


Rain Streaks down the window like tears of a forgotten blue sky. My bedroom eloomenated only by the pale moonlight awakened by a cats meow to see the ever-gray sky out my louvered window I pray silently for the sun to come back.

I didn’t know then that it never would.

It was day 32 it was spoused to be the middle of summer but all it had been was a torrent of rain. I-hate-rain. I’ve always hatted rain that’s why I lived here it never rained here. While others find the soft pitter patter of rain on a roof comforting. I-do-not it sounds like little screams this was-a-nightmare. I just wanted it to stop I hadn’t got sleep for weeks.


I am from poem


Although I’ve already posted the actual poem part. I wanted to share my final project.


Explode a moment


My knee bounced in worried anticipation. My fingernails well,they were-long-gone. My eyes had found the ticking clock yet agin. My body was rigid with fear. My ears were longing for the piercing sound of a ring. Distress was clearly written across my face.
I was worried.
Worried for what the call would bring worried for what the call would mean. The room was shrouded in shadowy ray-less-light. As if you could sense the despair hanging in the air. And then the dreaded moment came “ring,ring…”


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